“Josh is supportive, thorough, action-oriented, very personable and always delivered on his promises. I could always count on Josh to deliver quality creative and innovative program options, often on a nearly impossible deadline. I would highly recommend Josh in any role.”

Jeri Hauth

General Electric

“His thoughtful, professional and deliberate style, in frequent, high pressure situations, contributed to year over year growth in our business and earned him the respect of everyone on the team as well as with our numerous repeat customers. My favorite Josh qualities are that he first listens, then speaks and never blows smoke. We could always rely on Josh's integrity and straightforwardness, his technical expertise, and, his business savvy in a rapidly evolving global business environment.”

Sue Abbott

Hewlett Packard

“Josh and I have worked on numerous project. He was the guy who made things happen! He kept all the wheels turning in very complex

projects, was always reliable and added a touch of creativity whenever it was appropriate. I'm always looking for another opportunity to work with Josh.”

John Morris


I can say without reservation that I have never worked with another person whose sense of honesty and propriety was keener than Josh’s. My trust, and my partner’s trust, in Josh was so high, that we made him general manager, and put him in charge of all aspects of the business, including all financial matters. I highly recommend Josh to any organization looking for a skilled manager with unmatched professionalism and honesty.”

Scott McCannell

Owner Sanda Communications

"Josh is intelligent, hard working and as reliable as gravity. He is an excellent project manager, working with demanding clients and our creative team to produce superior results within tight timelines and budgets. He is a joy to work with, even during the most trying of times, and is trusted and respected by clients, staff and management. Josh is talented with a rich background in technology and business projects. He makes a valued contribution to any project or team and has earned my highest recommendation and gratitude. If you get a chance to work with Josh - take it. You will have a great teammate and good time.”

Jerry Saveriano

President/Owner Sanda Communications

“I have worked with Josh for three years. He is the most steady, unflappable manager I have ever worked with. He handles clients smoothly and treats our team with respect. Josh works well with everyone and makes sure jobs stay on time and on budget.”

Deb Pierce

Art Director, Sanda Communications

“He deserves to be noticed among Oregon's emerging executives.”

Frank Hall

CEO, LocoGopher